We're here to help you.

We’re here to help you.

Do you clean interior and exterior windows?

What do you clean, when you clean the windows?
Our most popular window cleaning package is called the “Deluxe Package.” Included in this, comes a detailed cleaning of both the interior and exterior glass. As well as a basic cleaning of your tracks, sills, and a dry-brush cleaning of your screens.

What if I want a deeper cleaning on my screens, more than just a brushing out of the dust and cobwebs?
No problem, we can upgrade your service to include a “Deep cleaning” of your screens. This is done the by a bringing them out to your drive, pre-rinse, through wash with our soft-bristle brush, specialized soap and water, then a rinse. They look awesome afterwards! We do recommend this if your screens are on the outside of your windows. (Very common with double-hung windows).

I have just a few high windows I can’t reach. What do you charge for something like that?
It really depends upon the amount, the height, and if you want inside and outside done. We have a $125 minimum service charge, so we can typically do something like this for that price. However, many customers find for about the same price or just a little more they can have all of their exterior windows done. Feel free to use our no-obligation instant quote system to find out your particular price or give me a call for more details. (319)331-7242.

Do you offer deeper discounts if my windows are done more than once or twice a year?
Yes. We will personalize the discount based on your window count, height, style etc.

What do you do during the winter?
We still work. We work year-round. We have monthly residential customer that have us do their windows on the outside of their home year-round. Also we maintain a commercial store front and low-rise building route every week.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes, we are insured through the Iowa City Farm Bureau. We carry a million dollars liability. This can be adjusted if necessary for larger contracts.

Can you reach my third floor windows?
Yes, we have invested in the neccessary equipment.

Do you use a special solution in your water?
Yes, it is a professional grade window cleaning soap. It is safe to use on all windows and is biodegradable.

How do you protect my home from dirt or water stains?
It is our policy to always wear shoe covers inside a customers home so we don’t track any dirt into the house.

Will you need to enter my home to give me a free estimate?
No. We are now using our online instant bid or quote system to do our estimates. This saves you time and is ecofriendly. We would be happy to guide you through the steps just give us a call. Or, if you perfer we can arrange a time to stop by your home and discuss any special requests you may have.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my windows to be cleaned?
Typically, nothing needs to be done prior to our arrival. You may want to personally move any valuables that would need to be moved to access your windows if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you have a lot of items located on your window sills, removal of these items helps me to expedite the cleaning process, and would be greatly appreciated.

Do I have to be home while you do the cleaning?
No. We understand you are busy. About 75% of our clients can’t be home when we are cleaning. Just let us know how to access your home if you plan to be out.

What if rain is predicted for the day of my service?
In the event of light precipitation we will clean your windows as scheduled. In the event of heavy driving rains, we will call and discuss the options with you the day of service. We try to complete all inside work as scheduled.

What causes windows to get dirty?
Over time, it is the dust blown from the wind, lawn machinery, tree pollen, vehicle exhaust, and other air borne soil settling on your windows that causes resoiling. This soil on your windows gets moved around when it rains and will leave spots and drip marks behind when the windows dry. These dirty spots are the reason why most people think that the rain made their windows dirty.

Can you provide an free estimate for my business? Yes. we would be happy to provide a free estimate for your business.